Frequently Asked Questions

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I am looking for work with Tundra Site Services. How do I maximize my chances of being hired?

Please send us a clear, concise resume in Microsoft Office Word outlining where you have worked and during which time periods.  Include your email address and professional references on your resume.  Note all qualifications and safety tickets but do not include them with your initial application.

I have applied to a job. Should I email as well?

No, we have all required information and will contact you if we have questions or require anything further.

Is my information safe with Tundra Site Services?

Yes, we will not send your resume to any clients or forward to anyone without your permission.

I received an email to say I have been added to a job for Tundra but only sent a general application. What is happening?

We have likely identified you as a potential candidate for a job and have manually added you to one of our workflows.  Feel free to disregard.

I am an independent subcontractor. Should I apply?

Yes, please forward a resume.

I only want a specific type of job. How do I let Tundra know?

Include an Intro paragraph on your resume and let us know how we can help.  We believe strongly in finding the right job for the right person.